Best VPN chrome extension

VPN for chrome protects against all kinds of hackers. This is achieved by encrypting the online traffic. The extensions are an amazing way to transform the browser from being vulnerable to being secure. The VPN should work automatically once chrome is launched.

What the VPN does

Protects privacy

With a VPN extension, you will remain hidden. You can surf the internet as anonymously as you want. This means that no one will be able to know exactly what you are doing online including cyber criminals and governments. VPN uses encryption methods that are very powerful so as to obscure any of the online data.

Access anything from anywhere

With chrome VPN, you can access any kind of data regardless of where you are. This is amazing, especially for people who are in areas where there are restrictions.

Unblocking websites

With this kind of VPN, it is easy to choose the location you want to access from. If you are traveling and some of your favorite platforms or TV channels are blocked, you need to switch the location and you are good to go.

There are some VPN chrome extensions that stand out. They include:

  1. Zen mate VPN

This is a VPN chrome extension and it comes with amazing features. You can customize the VPN so as to connect to server location when you want to access some of your favorite sites. You can also access smart locations.

When you use this VPN, you are also protected from tracking. The VPN prevents any advertisers or third parties from tracking the activities you carry out on the internet.

It also blocks malware. The extension is enabled so as to detect all sorts of malicious websites and then block them before they can get to the system. Zen mate has a worldwide network making it ideal for people from all parts of the world.

  1. Dot VPN

Dot VPN has been in operation since 2014. It has gained serious traction during the time it has been in use and there are already 500,000 users. It has around 5 stars and around 5,000 reviews.

It has some features that can prove helpful, including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited switches in between the locations. You also get 12 virtual locations. There are security benefits too with a 4096-bit key encryption; this is actually higher than what the banking standards require.

  1. Hotspot shield

This is a service operated by Anchor Free, which is considered one of the most reliable companies today. Anchor Free has millions of downloads and there are over 20 million servers from all over the world in 190 countries.

Hotspot shield is a free service and it is unlimited. There are different versions for Windows, OS X, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. This service also has a premium version and it is charged at only $2.08 monthly but that depends on the subscription length.

VPN comes with loads of benefits for the users. It can be a simple thing like the improvement of privacy allowed to navigate the various sites that others consider malicious.

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